With four bold flavors to choose from, it's no wounder Salsa Cruz is the go to Salsa for all occasions. Our mild salsa is full flavored and bold  but without the heat. Like to play with fire?? Try our Hot salsa and feel the burn. Like sweet things? Our fan favorite is the Pineapple Salsa! No matter what you prefer in a salsa, we have a salsa for you. Enjoy!


After a decade of making salsa for friends and family, Eric decided it was time to give the people what they want, a bold full flavored salsa. Find out how salsa was able to bring two love birds together to nest where they call home, Maui.



"Omg I ate almost the whole     pineapple salsa last night SOOO   GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!"

May Wedelin Lee

Maui, HI

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