Don't worry about getting smashed by a huge wave of heat at this beach. Baby Beach Mild is a great salsa for the entire family to enjoy. Less heat with the same delicious flavor. This salsa is great to marinate or cook with vegetables, chicken, fish or pork to make a restaurant quality taco.


Maui is positioned in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between the Big Island of Hawai'i and Oahu. It's the perfect balance of volcanic beauty and big city vibes. This well-balanced medium heat salsa is the perfect blend of spices, garlic, peppers, and tomatoes. Be prepared to stay awhile. You might find yourself scraping at the bottom of the salsa container not wanting to leave.


Sunscreen is a must when traveling to this part of the island. Lahaina, meaning "relentless sun", does not fall short to how she's perceived. This salsa is for the bold and brave warriors that are willing to sacrifice a few moments of sweat and tears for glory. The smokiness of the peppers accompanied with a variety of spices, make this salsa irresistibly hot!


Take a journey to a place in Hawai'i where pineapples like to go on staycation. The deliciousness of Maui Gold Pineapples combined with the full flavored salsa is something to write home about. It's no wonder this pineapple salsa is the talk of town. Awesome to add on fish or shrimp tacos!

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