It all started on a Friday night. It was Eric and my second date. Eric decided it was a good time to turn on the charm and make me dinner at his place. The charm worked; that Friday night date didn’t end till Monday morning.  We fell in love over a weekend.

Well, the love and charm didn’t end there. On our next date, he once again made me dinner, but this time brought out his secret weapon. THE SALSA. Eric had explained to me that he had been making this salsa for years, for more than a decade as of now. Naturally I could not wait to try it. I’m not lying when I tell you it was one of the best tasting ANYTHING that I had ever had. I seriously could not get enough. Still can’t. I would beg him to make salsa for every meal. Even when I would be the one cooking, I would try to make something that required salsa. 

As our love for each other and our mutual love for great salsa grew, so did our adventurous spirits. After 5 short months of dating we decided it was time for a change. We sold most of our belongings, quit our jobs, shipped a car and got two one-way tickets to Maui. It has been almost 6 years and we have never looked back.


What is not to love about Maui?  The Culture, the beautiful beaches, the lush mountains and forests, I could go on forever…


However, there is one thing Maui was missing. Any guesses? Yep, good salsa, let alone great salsa! After searching high and low we decided the only way to enjoy great, fresh salsa was to make it ourselves.


We decided our love for Eric’s salsa was just too good not to share. We began by taking mason jars full of our magic to work to share with our fellow friends. After hearing over and over that we should sell the salsa, we thought why not? Lo and behold it was selling out EVERY time. 


Eric and I have each have an entrepreneurial spirit (anyone remember our past ventures?) Though some ventures weren’t

Lahaina, HI     E+B

for us, we knew salsa was it, this was the answer! This is when Salsa Cruz was born!


We looked into the amazing courses offered at Maui College. The MFIC Food Xcellorator program is the program we decided to sign up for. Boy am I glad we did.  After winning many of the program’s Awards, we decided it was time to go for it. We had the confidence and encouragement from all the right people.

Today, you can find Salsa Cruz in several locations on Maui, with more on the horizon. You might also be happy to know that we are now married and share our home in Lahaina with the cutest Black Lab/Pit Mix you will ever see.


We are grateful to be able to provide you a little happiness with something we are passionate about and that us ourselves have bonded over.

We hope that you enjoy the flavors of Salsa Cruz as much as we do.



Brittney Cruz

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